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About the Safe-D-Vent family

"We will focus on, and specialize, in dryer vent cleaning
and be the very best at it!"

My family and I live locally in the city of Spring Hill, in the heart of Hernando County, Florida. As the owner of Florida Home Maintenance & Lawn Inc. since 2007, I had thought that my company had handled almost every type of home repair, but like most, I had never been taught the importance of keeping dryer vents clean. It wasn't until my new dryer began to take two cycles to dry a load of laundry that we called the appliance store where we purchased the dryer who then sent a repairman. The repairman informed us that we needed to clean our dryer vents. This was not a service that he offered to do, and now we had to pay $70.00 for the service call and advice.

It was only a few weeks later that I was faced with this issue again when I had a call from a tenant. Although most of the homes we manage were only 1 to 3 years old, the calls from tenants soon increased to near a bi-weekly basis with the same issue, backed up dryer vent systems. I had to quickly become educated with the dangers and cost associated with dryer lint build up, so I decided that I had to find the best, most effective solution to this dryer lint build up issue.

As the word spread that we were now offering professional dryer vent cleaning services, so did the demand. The decision was made to build a business completely around this service. We have challenged ourselves to know all there is to know about dryer vent systems. We will not offer carpet cleaning, chimney sweeping, window cleaning, not even air duct cleaning. We will focus on, and specialize, in dryer vent cleaning and be the very best at it! We will be so good at dryer vent cleaning, that we can guarantee our work. We will offer five-star customer service, and become the local trusted advisor for all things dryer vent related. As with any business, reputation is everything and we view each customer as an opportunity to invest in building ours in the dryer vent cleaning business.

In the photo is my wife, Kimberly, she has been my partner in everything for the last 11 years. My son, Logan, is our inspiration to work harder and to better the community we live in. We love living, working and raising our son here in Hernando County, and we believe in supporting the local small businesses whenever possible. I hope that this lets you know a little about our mission and how we have become Safe-D-Vent.

Kimberly and I would love to hear from you even if it just to answer a question. You can Write to Us here right on this website!

Best Regards,

The Safe-D-Vent Family