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Common Questions

Below is a few of our most frequently asked questions.

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Why is it so important to clean my dryer vents?

Dryer vent cleaning will reduce the amount of time it takes to dry a load. As clothes heat up, moisture converts to steam and the steam escapes through the vent. A dryer with a blocked vent can take much longer to dry a load and cost you up to $3.00 per load. Also, a blocked dryer vent can be very dangerous because if your dryer is unable to let the hot air escape properly it will produce an unsafe amount of heat. This becomes a real fire risk resulting in over 15,000 fires annually.

How often should I have my dryer vent cleaned?

Insurance Companies, AHAM, CPSC and The Dryer Industry in general all agree that Annual Dryer Vent Cleanings are required to ensure safety and efficiency. With that said, here are some contributing factors that should be considered.

  • How many people and how much laundry is being done?
  • How long is your dryer vent system?
  • How many bends and elbows are within the vent system?
  • Does any portion of your vent system lie across your attic floor?
  • The age of your dryer

Why can't I clean the dryer vent myself?

You can. If the dryer vent is not too long and vents directly out of an exterior wall it is a fairly simple task. You can purchase a vent cleaning brush at most hardware stores and combined with a powerful shop-vac you should be able to clean it effectively. The issue is that most homes built within the last several years moved the dryer from an exterior wall to an interior wall, thus creating a need to vent the dryer out the roof. This type of vent system can be 10 to 40 feet long with multiple turns. These types of systems will require a special process and equipment to accomplish a thorough clean.

Why should I use Safe-D-Vent dryer vent cleaning?

Our Professional experience with cleaning Over a THOUSAND dryer vents and counting makes us the BEST CERTIFIED choice.

Residential & Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning Company

We service: Apartments • HOA's • Laundry Mats • Assisted Living • Hotels

Why Choose Us?

Our Professional experience with cleaning Over a THOUSAND dryer vents and counting makes us the BEST CERTIFIED choice.

Look for the logo and insist on using only a Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician.
cdet-logo Do not waste your money, keep Your Family and Business safe.
Currently , we are the ONLY CDET accredited company in the Hernando, Pasco, Citrus and North Hills.

We are fully insured with $1 Million GL Insurance.

We are a 1,000,000 insured company with the knowledge, skills and the equipment to get your venting clean. We always stand behind our work with our six month warranty and our goal is never to up-sell you. You can count on our quality of work and performance because we depend on your referrals and repeat business to stay in business. We believe we can earn that with our honesty, value pricing and good, old fashion customer service.

What is your dryer vent cleaning process?

We use a special rotary brush system. This brush/flex-rod system has the ability to make all of the necessary turns to conform to your dryer vents system. With the brushes spinning at near 600 rpm we are able to safely scrub away the lint and debris from the inside of your vents. Along with the brushing we also utilize a high powered vacuum to suck out the lint and debris as it is being dislodged. Every system also has a rodent screen, trap door or both at the exterior exhaust. We will inspect and clean this exhaust system which is very important to prevent vent blockage from reoccurring prematurely. Please view our services offered page for more details.

How long does the dryer vent technician need to clean my dryer vents?

Most of the dryer vent cleanings can be cleaned within an hour. Excessive lint buildup or unique circumstances can take longer.
To be safe one should allow the technician 1 hrs to clean a basic dryer vent system.

Is there anything I should do prior to my scheduled service?

Yes. Please empty the washer and dryer as well as all items on and around your washer and dryer. The fewer things in the way, the better. In most cases we will be moving you dryer away from the wall and working behind it. In some cases we may also need to disconnect and move your washing machine.

What areas do you service?

Based in Hernando County, we serve North Pasco to South Citrus counties.
Please feel free to Contact Us if you do not see your area listed below.

This includes:

  • Hudson
  • Bayonet Point
  • Port Richey
  • Shady Hills
  • Masaryktown
  • Spring Hill
  • Hernando Beach
  • Weeki Wachee
  • Brooksville
  • Sugar Mill Woods
  • Homosassa
  • Ridge Manor
  • Royal Highlands
  • Chassahowitzka
  • Trinity
  • Land O Lakes
  • Odessa
  • Wesley Chapel
  • and more.