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Safe-D-Vent is committed to offering second-to-none dryer vent solutions that are effective, yet affordable, to ensure your safety and increase your dryer's efficiency!

    Basic 1 story dryer vent cleaning

  • This solves 90% of our customers' issues
  • We clean the complete system
  • Clean Behind and under the dryer
  • Clean accessible internal parts of the dryer itself
  • Clean the dryer's transition
  • Make two passes with our 500 + RPM Rotary Brush/ Power-Vac system, snaking clean
  • the entire duct system within your walls and attic to the exterior
  • Clean and inspect exterior exhaust vent, screen and/or doors on exterior of the home
  • Inspect the system for deficiencies or inadequacies
  • Reconnect the dryer properly
  • Clean up any lint, dirt or mess in your home that was associated with our service
  • Test your systems airflow with the use of an anemometer
  • Includes a 6 month guarantee

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Transistion Replacement

All manufacturers recommend metal corrugated transitions. We sell and install proper transition connectors to replace your damaged, unsafe or outlawed dryer transition connector.

LintAlert Fire Prevention System

Now you can monitor your dryer vent for efficiency and safety. When any blockage occurs, back pressure is produced. When a dangerous level has been detected the device will initiate an alert. Rest assured knowing your dryer vent is flowing freely with Lint-Alert!

    Replace Washing Machine Hoses

  • Safe-D-Vent can replace your washing machine hoses while we are there!
  • Busted washing machine hoses are the #1 reason for in house water damage
  • This is why washing machine hoses are to be replaced every 3 to 5 years
  • We install Quality Stainless Steel Braided hoses


  • We will never perform work that is not quoted and agreed upon upfront
  • "UP-SELLING" you is never our goal
  • If we do not perform work, you owe us nothing
  • We will always guarantee our work
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